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About Us

Jon Blackwood’s love of fine furniture stems from the days he spent as a child in his dad’s furniture store in Goshen. So purchasing the former Bill Nay’s Furniture, then located on Winona Avenue in Warsaw, in 1991 was a good fit. Jon and his wife, Jill, changed the name of that 8,000 square-foot store to JB’s Furniture.

Today, JB’s Furniture is a 36,000 square-foot showroom of quality furniture at reasonable prices. Employees practice a philosophy of putting customers’ needs first and follow a winning three-pronged sales philosophy.

“I tell all my sales people that selling has three parts,” Blackwood says. “You have to sell yourself to the customer so they know and have confidence in you; you have to meet their needs; and then you have to meet your needs (which comes via satisfaction in getting paid for a job well done) and it has to be done in that order.”

Going the extra miles is the standard for employees. This includes explaining the construction of furniture as well as providing free, in-home design and decorating services. Jill’s eye for design and color, along with the similar talents of long-time employee Gerald Shery, enhances the individualized customer service at JB’s Furniture.

The well-lit, spacious gallery of furniture beckons shoppers to sit, touch, recline and relax. Whether you are looking for a dinette, a sofa or patio furniture, JB’s Furniture has what you’re looking for in a variety of options from a wide spectrum of wood finishes and 10,000 fabric options.

Blackwood also knows mattresses inside and out. JB’s Furniture has earned Elite Retail status from Tempur-Pedic, with 16 Tempur-Pedic models in the store. And when most mattress companies changed their innerspring mattresses to one side, Blackwood stubbornly stuck to what he calls “commonsense, two-sided mattresses” by Restonic. Blackwood states that taking the padding out of one side of the mattress only helps the mattress companies, not the consumers.

“Whether it’s a mattress, a lamp or a recliner, I want to make sure our customers have high-quality, lasting products,” Jon says.

It’s this dedication to customer satisfaction that keeps JB’s Furniture patrons coming back. They know what to expect from Jon’s team. And JB’s Furniture is now helping the next generation of some of the store’s long-time customers.

“Local word of mouth is the best advertisement,” Blackwood says. “My goal is that 20 years from now, the next generation of customers will still be speaking well of me.”



This article originally appeared at Business People Magazine.